Additional Services

GVC Credit Union offers many other services that may interest you such as safety deposit boxes, night depository, wire transfers and more.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Keeping important items safe is always a concern. With a GVC Credit Union safety deposit box; jewelry, passports, legal documents etc., can be safely stored giving you security and peace of mind. The list below outlines the sizes of boxes available, as well as the annual cost.

 Small 1.5" x 5" $35.00
 Medium 2.5" x 5" $45.00
 Large 5" x 5" $65.00
 Large 2.5" x 10" $65.00


Discounts are offered as follows:

  • Golden members - $5 discount per year
  • Maximizer account holders - $5 discount per year
  • Maximizer Select account holders - $10 discount per year

Night Depository

Night depositories are available at every branch of GVC Credit Union. This service offers members a secure one-way vault in which to deposit cash and cheques, 24 hours a day, without having to come in to the branch. Items are held in the fire-proof vault until removed and processed under dual custody the following business day.

Other Services

  • Money Orders and Drafts - available in Canadian and US funds
  • American Express Traveler's Cheques - available in Canadian and US funds
  • Wire Transfers - wire funds almost anywhere in the world in Canadian or US funds
  • US Currency Exchange*

*Please note: large transactions may require advance notice.