2-Step Verification

We are enhancing the way you log-in to online banking

In the coming months we will be introducing 2-Step Verification, a new layer of security to the way you log-in to online banking.

What is 2-Step Verification?

At GVC Credit Union your online security is a top priority. With 2-Step Verification we add an extra layer of protection to ensure you’re the only person who can access your online banking or mobile app even if someone knows your password. 2-Step Verification is a great way to reduce fraud risks and further secure your accounts.

When you access online banking with 2-Step Verification you’ll need to provide two things 1. Something you know, “your password” and 2. Something only you have, “a one-time verification code” sent to you by SMS text message or email to the registered mobile phone number or email address associated with your online banking account.

How to set up 2-Step Verification

We encourage you to check back here for updates on the availability of this feature. Once the 2-Step Verification feature is rolled out, you’ll be asked to enrol by taking these steps.

Members will be provided with a grace period to enrol. Following this period 2-Step Verification will be a mandatory requirement for future online banking access.

1. Log-in to your online banking account
2. Complete the Enable 2-Step Verification enrollmentscreen
3. Enter your preferred email address or mobile phone number to receive your verification code
4. Enter the verification code sent to you by SMS text message or email (this code will expire after 10 minutes)

At any point after your initial enrollment, you can edit you mobile phone number or email address used to receive the 2-Step Verification code.

Note: If available, we recommend using a mobile phone number for the verification process. If you opt to use an e-mail address, please ensure you check your junk mail for verification emails.

If you have Touch/Face ID, QuickView enabled, or use the “Remember Me” option during log in, you will need to re-configure these settings after setting up 2-Step Verification.

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